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After-sales Service

Jinlaibang Valve guarantees that the manufactured products meet the standard mechanical life and service life, and implements "three guarantees" (guaranteed return, replacement, and maintenance) to provide users with pre-sale, sale, and after-sale services.

"Jinlaibang" business purpose:

1. The products produced by our factory all meet the strict enterprise standards and the valve standards of the Ministry of Machinery.

2. After receiving the customer's order notice, the factory will deliver the goods in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract to ensure that the products are in good condition.Delivered on time as requested.

"Jinlaibang" ten quality commitments:

1. The wall thickness of the shell meets and exceeds the national GB, American ANSI and other standards.

2. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the main material meet the requirements of the national standard (save the material test report, provide test rods and mechanical properties)

performance report).

3. The chemical composition of the valve stem material meets the national standard requirements, the finish meets the national standard requirements, and the surface is treated with corrosion-resistant nitrogen

Chemical or quenching and tempering treatment to ensure the mechanical properties of the valve stem.

4. The tolerance size conforms to the requirements of the national GB1800-1804 standard, and the parts are interchangeable.

5. Each pressure-bearing part of the valve is inspected by non-destructive testing to ensure that it meets the JB/T6440 X-ray inspection standard, JB/T6439 magnetic particle inspection

Injury inspection standards and JB/T6903 ultrasonic inspection standards.

6. The sealing seat structure adopts: separated threaded seat and separated inlaid welded seat. The upper seal adopts separate threaded valve seat. 7. The sealing surface adopts plasma surfacing welding, the hardness meets the requirements of the national GB/T12234-12236 standard, and the width exceeds the national standard.

The sealing surface of all valves has been inspected by coloring flaw detection and meets the requirements of JB/T6902 standard.

8. Clean the whole machine with kerosene and anti-rust oil by high-pressure spray before assembly, remove the test medium after pressure test, spray anti-rust oil, and clean the inner cavity

The degree meets the requirements of the JB/T7748 standard and meets the long-term storage requirements of the valve.

9. If the company fails to deliver on time due to special reasons, the liquidated damages will be calculated at 5‰ of the total order amount.

10. Within 18 months after the customer picks up the goods, if the seal pressure test is unqualified due to the manufacturing quality of the product, it is guaranteed to be replaced, returned and returned.