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Over 20 years of Valve Production and Research


Development path:

In 2005, registered "Jinlaibang valve sales self-employed" and "Jinlaibang" included founder Weng Yuanhui's gratitude to the nobles who helped him

In 2009, "Shanghai Jinlaibang Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd." was registered in Shanghai and put into production, and the Northwest Office was established in Xi'an to lay out the Northwest;

In 2010, registered "Shaanxi Jinlaibang Pump and Valve Complete Equipment Co., Ltd." in Xi'an to set up Shaanxi Office;

In 2012, Executive Director Weng Yuanhui joined Shanghai Anxi Chamber of Commerce successively. Become the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, join the Anxi Chamber of Commerce in Xi'an and Fujian, become the executive vice president, join the Shaanxi Building Materials Chamber of Commerce, and become the vice president;

From 2013 to 2014, signed a long-term cooperation strategic agreement with many environmental protection enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, and the supply area extended to all parts of the country, as far as Kashi, Xinjiang (Russian border)

In 2015, Shanghai Jinlaibang Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was fully responsible for the production, research and development and business operation of Jinlaibang valve brand products;

In 2016, set up a branch in Hebei, set up offices in Zhengzhou, Fujian, Tianjin, Dalian, Xinjiang, Xining and other places in Henan, joined various HVAC associations, became its vice president unit, and strengthened technical exchanges.

In 2017, after innovation, creativity, new ideas, new ideas, new goals and obtained the fire 3C compulsory certification;

In 2018, the Shanghai Jinlaibang factory was relocated and the factory area increased. Shaanxi Jinlaibang Pump and Valve Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. changed its name to "Jinlaibang Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd." The company's business expanded to Mongolia, Pakistan, Wuhan, and Tibet, and an office was established in Nanjing. The company was awarded the vice president unit of the Water Supply Association;

In 2019, through innovation and hard work in various aspects, the team was shortlisted for several central enterprise group companies and became strategic partners, such as China Minmetals, MCC Tiangong, Shaanxi Longgang, China Construction and Installation Group Corporation, Shaanxi Construction and Installation Group Corporation, China Coal Group, China Railway Group, Country Garden Shaanxi Project Department, Metro Line 2, Excellent Supplier of Shaanxi Water Affairs Association, Top Ten Qualified Suppliers of China Real Estate Chief Engineer's Home, and set up offices in many provincial capital cities across the country.

In 2020, in the past three years, we have passed the shareholding restructuring, redecorated the factory appearance, replaced most of the equipment in the workshop, and are processing the type inspection report certificate. The 3C certification for fire protection has been moved from the Hebei branch to the Shanghai headquarters. We have obtained multiple patent certificates, sanitation license approval certificates, and water-saving product certification certificates. At the same time, we have been shortlisted for the procurement platforms of several group companies. Aluminum Electronic Procurement Trading System, Ansteel Group, East Hope Electronic Procurement Platform. We strived to break through ourselves and achieved new high performance.

In 2023, at the beginning of the new year, we will build a new development and new layout, closely follow the Shaanxi government's "North Crossing" policy, and set up a new factory of the Northwest Branch in Jinghe Industrial Park, Gaoling, Xi'an. At the same time, we will set up two business departments in Daming Palace, North Third Ring Road. One is mainly fire-fighting accessories and ventilation accessories; the other is mainly Liansu pipes and various plastic pipes.